FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table PDF

The dates for Schedule of 2018 Fifa world cup is announced but the draw for Groups is still to be taken place. The matches will be played from 14 June to 15 July 2017. 32 National teams will be entertained in this tournament to play 64 matches in 32 days. All the 32 games will be played at 12 Venues. Russia's Capital will host the final of 2018 world cup on  15 July.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table PDF

FIFA World cup 2018 Time Table is divided into two stages [Group Stage] & [Knockout Stage] which further divided into 3 Stages named [Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals]. After this there is one 3rd/4th place match and one final will be played.

Group Stage:

There are 8 groups from Group A to Group H. Every group includes 4 teams. Russia being the host of world cup placed in Group A and will play first match of the tournament.

- Only Top 2 teams from each Group will qualify for Round of 16 in Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage:

In this stage every team will play one match and if the match is tied at the end of 90 minutes then 2 periods of extra time 15 minutes will be played. If after extra time still the match is tied then Penalty shootout will be taken.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule, Fixtures PDF

Check out the match time, date, venue info of the all the games. 

14 JuneRussia vs A218:00 MSKLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
15 JuneA3 vs A417:00 YEKTCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg
15 JuneB3 vs B418:00 MSKKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
15 JuneB1 vs B221:00 MSKFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
16 JuneC1 vs C213:00 MSKKazan Arena, Kazan
16 JuneC3 vs C419:00 MSKMordovia Arena, Saransk
16 JuneD1 vs D216:00 MSKOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
16 JuneD3 vs D421:00 MSKKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
17 JuneE3 vs E416:00 SAMTCosmos Arena, Samara
17 JuneE1 vs E221:00 MSKRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
17 JuneF1 vs F218:00 MSKLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
18 JuneF3 vs F415:00 MSKNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod
18 JuneG1 vs G218:00 MSKFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
18 JuneG3 vs G421:00 MSKVolgograd Arena, Volgograd
19 JuneH1 vs H215:00 MSKOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
19 JuneH3 vs H418:00 MSKMordovia Arena, Saransk
19 JuneRussia vs A321:00 MSKKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
20 June A4 vs A218:00 MSKRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
20 June B1 vs B315:00 MSKLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
20 June B4 vs B221:00 MSKKazan Arena, Kazan
21 JuneC1 vs C317:00 YEKT Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg
21 JuneC4 vs C219:00 SAMTCosmos Arena, Samara
21 JuneD1 vs D321:00 MSKNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod
22 JuneD4 vs D218:00 MSKVolgograd Arena, Volgograd
22 JuneE1 vs E315:00 MSKKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
22 JuneE4 vs E220:00 KALTKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
23 JuneF1 vs F318:00 MSKFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
23 JuneF4 vs F221:00 MSKRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
23 JuneG1 vs G315:00 MSK
Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow