The Most Heart-breaking Exits During the FIFA 2018 World Cup

The Most Heart-breaking Exits During the FIFA 2018 World Cup

32 teams threw down during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, Russia. France took the world cup homeand the rest of the participants, went home heartbroken. But it was still a victory for each and one of them to represent their country and countrymen. However, no one can deny the pain of losing their chance for victory.


No one saw it coming but Senegal was one of the top competitors during the most recent World Cup.

The line-up of Senegal that year was a formidable one with Salif Sane and KalidouKouibaly on defence and Sadio Mane in the offence. In the group phase, Senegal defeated Poland, a favourite to make it to the knockout rounds.

In their second match, they clashed against Japan’s team and the game ended in a draw, 2 – 2. In their last match for the Group Stage, they were defeated 0 – 1 against Colombia. The same happened with Japan in their third match against Poland.

So, it was a chance for Senegal to catch a place in the knockouts. However, Japan was above them in terms of a disciplinary record and Senegal’s campaign came to an end.


Iran’s national football team won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. The team and its members were already suffering adversities even before the league started. It was a long and punishing journey for the team to be able to take the stage in Moscow.

One of the biggest shocks of the World Cup was their victory against Morocco. In their second and third games, Iran fought bravely against top-tier teams Portugal and Spain. Despite the odds against them, Iran gave it their all, especially goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand who escaped his home and took shelter in the streets for his football dreams.

Iran may not have won the world cup, but they showed the world what it means to work hard. That is what FIFA is all about.


It was the chance of a lifetime. England was gunning for a victory in the World Cup once more since 1966. During the semi-finals, England went head to head against Croatia. It was a great start for the England team as Kieran Trippier, no doubt the best right-back, scored a goal.

However, Croatia rallied strong and they took more shots. Finally, with the score tied 1 – 1, Mario Mandzukic of Croatia took a bottom corner shot to seal their victory. That goal was not something to get over easily and millions of people from England cried that day.But it was still a great campaign, one for the history books.

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