25 November 2017

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups Draw, Where to Watch Online, Date, Time, Tv Channel

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups Draw, Where to Watch Online, Date, Time, Tv Channel: When the qualification passed over, we are now preparing for the ultimate underway that will happen in Russia next year during the summer time. Qualifications finished and still draw for tournament groups are still months away.

It is essential that most teams that are heading to next summer tournament have reached their qualification goals. Preparations are also on their way to Moscow, which means that we can expect a great deal of enjoyment and excitement among both people and players.
FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups Draw

When is the World Cup Group Draw?

We can expect that draw for the group stage for 2018 World Cup will take place on December 1 inside the Moscow Kremlin. We all have to know that State Kremlin Palace first became a place where communist party meetings were held but soon afterward it became a concert hall.

At the same time, Kremlin is not just a concert hall because it represents hall and residence of the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

According to FIFA source, the prestigious venue contains capacity up to six thousand spectators and the place is perfect for both traditional operas and concerts.

How Can I Watch The World Cup Draw?

The World Cup will be available to watch on television. We also recommend you to check the website FIFA.com so that you can stream it online in real time. We still don’t have exact broadcasting details, but it is expected that most right holders will show the group draws live.

In the United Kingdom, you can watch ITV and BBC, and you will enjoy all the way. If you live in the United States, you can turn the Fox on and watch drawing. For Spanish language people, we recommend you to choose Telemundo.

Who will Present the World Cup Draw?

According to FIFA spokespersons, they have confirmed that Gary Lineker will conduct the group draw as long as Russian journalist Maria Komandnaya. After the news was announced, Linkear mentioned that he is fortunate enough to take part in such fantastic tournament and occasions.

He also took part in two World Cup finals back in a day. Therefore it is quite extraordinary for him to make participation in another tournament. However, this time not on the field, but on stage with unveiling results of the draw.

Russian legendary footballer Nikita Simonyan will also join on the stage with Komandnaya and Lineker and seven other draw assistants will be Gordon Banks, Laurent Blanc, Fabio Cannavaro, Cafu, Diego Maradona, Diego Forlan and Carles Puyol.

What can we expect from World Cup Draw? 

Before the drawing takes place, all finalists (32 of them) will be arranged into four seeding pots based on rankings from FIFA before October 2017.

  • The first pot contains the host and seven other teams with highest rankings.
  • Second pot comes with next eight highest ranked.
  • The same thing goes with pot 3.
  • At pot 4 are lowest ranking national teams. 

These 32 teams will enter into different eight groups that will be labeled from A to H. Seeding pots will be emptied by adding each side into a separate group.

However, there is some exception because teams from the same confederation cannot be in the same group. For example, Brazil cannot be in the group with another team from South America. Also, Nigeria cannot be in the same group with another African squad.

The expectations are different when it comes to UEFA teams because FIFA ruled that two teams from the Europe Confederation can be in the same group without any additional problem.

Which Teams Have Qualified for 2018 World Cup:

We decided to present you a full list of 32 national teams based on their continent breakdown.
South Korea
Saudi Arabia
Costa Rika


We have presented you all relevant information that you have to know about world cup drawing for the next year. Everything will happen on first December so be ready to watch and enjoy.