24 November 2017

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money [Winners, Runner-up]

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money [Winners, Runner-up]: FIFA World Cup 2018 will be the part of Russia, and like any other year, only 32 best nations in the world will compete for champion’s trophy. It is the 21st FIFA World Cup which is international football tournament where men’s national teams play. All of them are members of FIFA associations.

It will take place between 14 June and 15 July 2018. The country was awarded the rights for hosting back at the end of 2010. This is also the first World Cup in Europe since 2006. All stadiums are in European Russia, and most of them are next to the Ural Mountains so that everyone can travel without any additional problem.

The event will begin in 14th June where Russia as the host will play opening match. The national teams are fighting for significant prize money which is 22% more than the previous World Cup back in 2014.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Total Prize Money & Payments Pool – $700 Million

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money [Winners, Runner-up]

According to statements from FIFA and other certified professionals in the world of football, the prize money increased from $350 million in 2014 to $400 million that will be the total prize money for this particular World Cup. That means that $50 million will get the winner of the tournament, and each team will get $2.5 million for participation.

FIFA Revenue Since 2003: In last world cup, FIFA made $4.8 billion while their expensive were only $2.7 billion giving them huge chunk of profits of $2.1 billion.

  • They earned $2.4 billion in TV rights
  • $1.5 billion in sponsorship
  • Ticket sales generated another $550 million

FIFA World Cup 2018 – Prize Money Breakdown

Participation and Preparation Fee: $2.5 Million – The Previous World Cup had a different amount for all national teams that qualified themselves to the tournament. As we can see from numbers, 2014 World Cup paid for preparation fee $1.5 million. That amount has been increased for 2018 World Cup, and it reached $2.5 million for all national teams for preparation and everything that goes with it.

Group Stage Fee: $10 Million – This is also essential change that we have to mention. For the previous World Cup, the overall Group Stage Fee was $8 million. Therefore, we can conclude that the fee increased for two million dollars.

Round of 16: $12 Million – This was also more significant figure than in 2014 World Cup when it was only $9 million. The idea is to provide this particular amount for all teams that reach round of16. If you are a fan of football, you would understand the difficulties of passing the group stage. 

Therefore, this is an enormous fee that will come as a reward for all teams that will move another phase of this fantastic tournament.

Quarter Final: $18 Million – This is also another significant change when compared to previous World Cup. As we all know the fee for entering the quarter-final was $14 million back then, while next year national teams can expect the additional four million for passing the next step towards big finals.

4th Place Team: $25 Million – This is a tournament where first four national teams get their reward. Even though fourth place won’t get a team a medal for participation, it is still significant because they will take $25 million which is seven million more than in 2014 World Cup when it was only $18 million.

3rd Place Team: $32 Million – Apart from getting the bronze medal which is also crucial in the world of football, the third-place team will get $32 million which is additional $12 million when compared with the previous world cup.

Runner-up: $40 Million – The runner-up will get astonishing $40 million which is $15 million more than 2014 World Cup. Even though runner-up teams are always frustrated because the first place slipped through their fingers, they will get a fantastic fee for getting to that area.

Winners: $50 Million – The winners of this fantastic tournament will get not only the championship trophy, gold medals, and world recognition but also a considerable amount of prize fee that reached the immersive heights. The 2014 World Cup provided to winners $35 million while in the World Cup Russia the winning price will be incredible $50 million. 

In this particular revision, we have compared the prize money that will take most teams from group stage until they reach the final match. When we compare to the prize money that national organizations got back in 2014 World Cup, the amount increased significantly which will be the boost for national teams to get into the finals.

The teams who will lose the group participation will only get $10 million while others will get even more for entering the next rounds. When teams reach the quarter, semi-finals and final four the amount increases to surprising $18 million. After they reach the fourth place, the amount will significantly rise, and finally, winning teams will get the considerable amount which is way better solution than previous World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2018 – Prize Money Distribution Compared With 2014 World Cup

Preparation Fee for 32 qualified teams$2 million each$1.5 million each
Group Stage (16 eliminated teams)$10 million each$8 million each
Round of 16 (8 eliminated teams)$12 million each$9 million each
Quarterfinal (4 losing sides)$18 million each$14 million each
Fourth Place Team$25 million$18 million
Third Place Team$30 million$20 million
Runners-up$40 million$25 million
Winners$50 million$35 million
Player Insurance feeTBA$100 million
player by player payments to parent clubs TBA$70 million


The winners will share the estimated amount of $50 million as the prize fee. We can also count the amount that they will get from numerous sponsorship contracts and other endorsement fees.
We have to mention also insurance fee that will be subjected to the tournament. In 2014 World Cup the insurance fees reached up to $100 million for players from all teams.

We can still expect the fantastic games that will maintain this legendary tournament. It happens once in four years, and that is the main reason why you should check it out with your cable provider. You can also find numerous streaming websites that will allow you to enjoy world-class football.