28 December 2017

FIFA World Cup 2018 FREE Wallchart: Download here to keep track of the fixtures and schedule

FIFA world cup 2018 is just 6 months away and we have created world cup 2018 fixtures wallchart for you with Group and venue Details. There are 8 groups and 32 teams playing in this tournament.

To keep track on the complete schedule, download wallchart as pdf and save as image.

FIFA World Cup 2018 FREE Wallchart

Simply open the PDF file here and download it to your desktop or print it off today!

Embed this code on your side to use this wallchart:

<div class="iframely-embed" style="max-width: 3200px;"><div class="iframely-responsive"><a href="https://www.fifaworldcup2018live.org/2017/12/world-cup-2018-wallchart-free-download.html" data-iframely-url="//cdn.iframe.ly/dn6plub"></a></div></div><script async src="//cdn.iframe.ly/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>