16 January 2018

FIFA World Cup Winners List [All Time]

The FIFA World Cup is easily one of the world’s biggest sporting events, if not the biggest. Talking about the final, it is the most viewed sporting match worldwide.

Here is the list of countries who could achieve the fame and title of the ‘WORLD CHAMPIONS’

FIFA World Cup Winners

1930: Started in the year 1930, the tournament was first held in Uruguay. The hosts were also the first nation to win it, defeating their South American opponents Argentina 4-2 in front of a 93,000-strong crowd.

1934: Once again the host nation won the world cup, this time it was Italy when they defeated Czechoslovakia in extra time by 2 goals to nil.

1938: Italy once again dominated the whole tournament and were able to defeat host nation France in quarter finals and Hungary in finals by 4 goal to 2.

1950: The 1942 and 1946 world cup was abounded due to world war. When Brazil hosted the world cup in 1950, it was Uruguay to once again clinch the title. They remained undefeated throughout the tournament.

1954: 16 teams participated in this tournament which was held in Switzerland. West Germany were able to won their first title by defeating Hungary in the finals by the margin of 3 to 2.

1958: Once again this time host nation were able to reach finals but failed to win it. It was Brazil all the way and they demolished Sweden in front of their crowd by 5-2.

1962: Once again Brazil won the championship by defeating the host nation Chile in semi finals then Czechoslovakia in finals.

1966: England hosted and won the world cup by defeating West Germany in finals in the famous Wembley stadium. West Germany equalled the score in 89th minute which was then neutralised by England in extra time.

1970: Held in Mexico, Brazil were able to win the title third time in four successive competitions.  That time they defeated two times champions Italy by a large gap of 4 to 1.

1974: The competition was marked by fierce rivalry between the host West Germany and East Germany. The hosts were able to defeat their rivals in the group stage and later defeat Netherland in the final to clinch the title.

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1978: For second consecutive time, Netherland was able to reach the finals. This time it was the host country Argentina which won the tournament and clinching their first world title.

1982: Teams increased from 16 to 24. Spain was declared as the hosts. Italy did not lose a match and the opponent was West Germany in the finals. Italy secured the cup by winning 3 – 1.

1986: Mexico became the first country to hold the world cup twice. But it was their neighbours Argentina which defeated West Germany 3 – 2 in the finals.

1990: Same teams as previous world cup final, Argentina and West Germany faced in Rome but West Germany making the best out of it by scoring the only decisive goal.

1994: This world cup marked the record of highest attendance during knockout stages. Held in USA, Brazil won their fourth championship by defeating Italy on penalties.

1998: Numbers of teams were extended to 32. The hosts became the champions once again as France defeated defending champions Brazil by a strong score of 3 – 0.

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2002: The tournament was first team held outside of American and Europe continent. Held jointly by South Korea and Japan, Brazil made a hat trick of reaching in finals and defeated Germany by 2 -0.

2006: The final match was highly controversial as Frenchman Zidane was sent off due to his head butt. France was favourite to win the finals but it was Italy which took the title home by winning on penalties.

2010: Held first time in Africa, Spain were able won their first world title after defeating Netherlands in added extra time. Andres Iniesta was the scorer.

2014: Held in Brazil, they were shocked by their humiliating defeat in semi finals by the defending champions Germany by 7 goals to 1. In final, Germany was able to win their fourth title after defeating Argentina in the final.