5 May 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups Points Table & Standings

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be hosted by France and will be played between 14 June to 15 July 2018. There are 8 Groups of each group having 4 teams. 32 Countries will play the FIFA 2018 with Germany being the defending champions. Here are the FIFA 2018 group points table and standings.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups Tables & Standings

The groups were drawn on 1st December 2017. Group winners, runner-up and 4 best third-place teams will qualify for the round of 16. It will be all knockout games from Round of 16. Check out the complete schedule of fifa world cup 2018.

Here the groups with some information about the teams and their players.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group A

1 Russia (H)00000000
2 Saudi Arabia00000000
3 Egypt00000000
4 Uruguay00000000
Russia is more like the Group winner. They will play their first match of the Group and tournament against Saudi Arabia. Uruguay is the 2nd team which can qualify for next round.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group B

1 Portugal00000000
2 Spain00000000
3 Morocco00000000
4 Iran00000000
Portugal Euro 2016 Winner under Ronaldo’s captaincy will be looking to win their first world cup. Both Portugal and Spain will qualify for next round.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group C

1 France00000000
2 Australia00000000
3 Peru00000000
4 Denmark00000000
France were the runners-up in Euro 2016 who lost to Portugal in Final. They will top the group and 2nd team may Australia or Peru.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group D

1 Argentina00000000
2 Iceland00000000
3 Croatia00000000
4 Nigeria00000000
Argentina for sure will qualify for next as Messi will lead the attack. Iceland and Croatia are the other two teams who will vouch for 2nd spot in the Group.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group E

1 Brazil00000000
2 Switzerland00000000
3 Costa Rica00000000
4 Serbia00000000
Brazil 2010 world cup champions will qualify for next round under Neymar Jr attack. Second team may be either Switzerland or Costa Rica.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group F

1 Germany00000000
2 Mexico00000000
3 Sweden00000000
4 South Korea00000000
Germany is the defending champions and Mexico are the 2017 Gold Cup Champions. Both these teams will likely to qualigy for the knockout round.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group G

1 Belgium00000000
2 Panama00000000
3 Tunisia00000000
4 England00000000
Belgium and England are the two strong teams from this group and more likely to qualify for Round of 16.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group H

1 Poland00000000
2 Senegal00000000
3 Colombia00000000
4 Japan00000000

Ronaldo will the player to look for. Portugal and Colombia are the two qualifiers from this Group. James Rodriguez will be the player to look out for Colombia team.

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