5 May 2018

Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule, Fixtures Indian Time

2018 FIFA World cup Complete Schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST) has been announced. This is the 21st edition of world cup hosted by Russia from 14th June to 15th July 2018. There are 64 matches will be played in 32 days between 32 teams which are divided into 8 Groups of 4 teams each. As Indian Time is 2 hrs 30 min ahead of Moscow, Russia Time. As per UTC Indian Time is +5:30 GMT.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule, Fixtures Indian Time

Saudi ArabiaSpainAustraliaIceland
Costa RicaSwedenTunisiaColombia
SerbiaKorea RepublicEnglandJapan

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time

14 JuneMatch 1Russia vs Saudi Arbaia8:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
15 JuneMatch 2Egypt vs Uruguay5:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg
15 JuneMatch 3Morocco vs Iran8:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
15 JuneMatch 4Portugal vs Spain11:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
16 JuneMatch 5France vs Australia3:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan
16 JuneMatch 6Peru vs Denmark9:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk
16 JuneMatch 7Argentia vs Iceland6:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
16 JuneMatch 8Croatia vs Nigeria11:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
17 JuneMatch 9Costa Rica vs Serbia5:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara
17 JuneMatch 10Brazil vs Switzerland11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
17 JuneMatch 11Germany vs Mexico8:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
18 JuneMatch 12Sweden vs South Korea5:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium
18 JuneMatch 13Belgium vs Panama8:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
18 JuneMatch 14Tunisia vs England11:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd
19 JuneMatch 15Poland vs Senegal5:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
19 JuneMatch 16Colombia vs Japan8:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk
19 JuneMatch 17Russia vs Egypt11:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
20 JuneMatch 18Uruguay vs Saudi Arbaia8:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
20 JuneMatch 19Portugal vs Morocco5:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
20 JuneMatch 20Iran vs Spain11:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan
21 JuneMatch 21France vs Peru5:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg
21 JuneMatch 22Denmark vs Australia8:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara
21 JuneMatch 23Argentia vs Croatia11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium
22 JuneMatch 24Nigeria vs Iceland8:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd
22 JuneMatch 25Brazil vs Costa Rica5:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
22 JuneMatch 26Serbia vs Switzerland9:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
23 JuneMatch 27Germany vs Sweden8:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
23 JuneMatch 28South Korea vs Mexico11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
23 JuneMatch 29Belgium vs Tunisia5:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
24 JuneMatch 30England vs Panama9:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium
24 JuneMatch 31Japan vs Senegal8:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg
24 JuneMatch 32Poland vs Colombia11:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan
25 JuneMatch 33Uruguay vs Russia7:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara
25 JuneMatch 34Saudi Arabia vs Egypt7:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd
25 JuneMatch 35Iran vs Portugal11:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk
25 JuneMatch 36Spain vs Morocco9:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
26 JuneMatch 37Denmark vs France7:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
26 JuneMatch 38Australia vs Peru7:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
26 JuneMatch 39Nigeria vs Argentina11:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
26 JuneMatch 40Iceland vs Croatia11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
27 JuneMatch 41Serbia vs Brazil11:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
27 JuneMatch 42Switzerland vs Costa Rica11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium
27 JuneMatch 43South Korea vs Germany7:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan
27 JuneMatch 44Mexico vs Sweden5:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg
28 JuneMatch 45England vs Belgium9:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad
28 JuneMatch 46Panama vs Tunisia11:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk
28 JuneMatch 47Japan vs Poland7:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd
28 JuneMatch 48Senegal vs Colombia7:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara
Knockout Round of 16
30 JuneMatch 49Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B7:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan
30 JuneMatch 50Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group D11:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
1 JulyMatch 51Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A7:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
1 JulyMatch 52Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group C11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium
2 JulyMatch 53Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group F7:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara
2 JulyMatch 54Winner Group G vs Runner-up Group H11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don
3 JulyMatch 55Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E7:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium
3 JulyMatch 56Winner Group H vs Runner-up Group G11:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
6 JulyMatch 57Winner Match 49 vs Winner Match 507:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium
6 JulyMatch 58Winner Match 53 vs Winner Match 5411:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan
7 JulyMatch 59Winner Match 55 vs Winner Match 567:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara
7 JulyMatch 60Winner Match 51 vs Winner Match 5211:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi
10 JulyMatch 61Winner Match 57 vs Winner Match 5811:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
11 JulyMatch 62Winner Match 59 vs Winner Match 6011:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
  Third Play Match
14 JulyMatch 63Loser Match 61 vs Loser Match 627:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Final Match
15 JulyMatch 64Winner Match 61 vs Winner Match 628:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
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